Quick Filters Display "No items" When Using a Sheet Selector Parameter On a Dashboard

Published: 26 Jul 2014
Last Modified Date: 02 Nov 2018


When using a filter configured to show Only relevant values in a dashboard, the sheet selector might display "No Items".


Tableau Desktop


Option 1

Change the filter to use All Values in Database. For more information, see Set options for filter card interaction and appearance.

Option 2

Add the affected filter, and any filter used to determine the relevant values, to the context:

  1. On each affected worksheet, right-click on the affected filter on the Filters card, and select Add to Context.
  2. Navigate to the affected dashboard.
  3. Edit the relevant filters by using either All Values in Database or All Values in Context.


Context filters are evaluated before regular filters and therefore only the filters in context will be used to set the relevant values for the quick filter in question. For more information, see Improve View Performance with Context Filters.

All filters on the Filters shelf are used to determine relevant values. When using a parameter to switch worksheets on a dashboard, there is a filter that filters out all data on any unselected worksheet. If the worksheet that hosts the quick filter is not selected, no value will be showed because all values have been filtered out.
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