Publishing .TDE Extract to 10.5 is Missing Metadata

Published: 31 May 2018
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


After publishing tde files created in pre 10.5 containing metadata such as calculations and folder hierarchy the data is missing after published in 10.5.


  • Tableau Server 10.5


In Tableau Desktop save the data source as .tdsx in the following way:
  1. Open the .tde in Tableau Desktop 10.4 or earlier.
  2. In the Data pane, right-click the data source and select Add to Saved Data Sources.  
  3. Under Save as type, save as Packaged Tableau Data Source (*.tdsx). 
  4. Publish the data source.
  5. In Tableau Server UI, under Data Sources, highlight the data source, choose More actions (...) > New workbook.
  6. Ensure the calculated fields are present and folder hierarchy correct.


.hyper Extracts in 10.5 do no longer contain the data source information. If only the .hyper file is shared instead of the .tdsx or .twbx, metadata about the .hyper extract like connection information and column name changes will be missing.
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