Publishing Dialog Extends Off-screen or is Cutt-off

Published: 01 Jun 2017
Last Modified Date: 15 May 2018


When publishing workbook to Tableau Server, the publish dialog extends off-screen.


  • Tableau Desktop 10 and later versions
  • Windows


Option 1

Work with your IT team to increase your screen resolution through your Operating System. Methods for this process depend on your Operating System.

Option 2

Use the [Tab] key of your keyboard to move your selection to the hidden options.
  1. Select the bottom-most visible item on the screen (for example, 'Include External Files').
  2. Press the [Tab] key until the Publish option is selected.
    • Note: if Tab is pressed too many times, the selection will shift to the top-most item, at which point the selection can sent back once by pressing Shift-Tab.
  3. Press the [Space] key to activate the option.


Our team is currently investigating this issue (ID: 636727).
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