Published Workbook Connected to a .cub, .xls, or Other Flat File Data Source Does Not Refresh

Published: 16 Nov 2015
Last Modified Date: 29 Jun 2016


When clicking the Refresh button in a published workbook that is connected to a cube file or other flat file (.csv, .xls, .txt), the page might reload without refreshing the underlying data.


  • Tableau Server up to 9.3
  • Data source is a flat file (.cub, .xls, .txt, .csv, etc.)


  1. Confirm that the Tableau Server Run As user account has access to the flat file data source using a UNC path. 
  2. Edit the data connection to use the UNC path to connect to the data source.

    Note: A UNC path is the full name of a resource, directory, or file on a network. It conforms to the \\servername\sharename\directory\filename syntax, where servername is the name of the server and sharename is the name of the shared resource, and directory\filename is the directory path.

  3. Take one of the following steps to ensure that Tableau Server connects directly to the original data source file:  
  • Save the workbook in .twb file format, instead of a .twbx packaged workbook format. 
  • When publishing the workbook, make sure that Include External Files is unchecked.



When connected to a flat file rather than connecting directly to the database, Tableau Server will need to have a well-defined file path and permissions to access the file.

In addition, if a workbook that is connected to a flat file is saved as a packaged workbook (".twbx"), packaging the workbook will create a static copy of the flat file. Once packaged, the workbook will no longer be connected to the original file.
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