Prompted to Enter Credentials When Accessing Tableau Cloud Configured With SAML

Published: 07 Feb 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


When accessing your site on Tableau Cloud that is configured with SAML, Tableau Cloud prompts for a username. 


  • Tableau Cloud 
  • SAML


To workaround the prompt for credentials, create a bookmark or application link that will bypass the Tableau Cloud login page when using SAML. 
  1. After configuring SAML for Tableau Cloud, copy the URL found under Settings > Authentication in the Assertion Consumer Service URL field.
  2. The URL should look like:<alias key>
  3. Replace the "SSO?" with "login?" i.e.<alias key>
  4. Use the URL link as a bookmark or application link in your IdP portal for accessing applications. 

Then, flow should be as follows:
  1. Navigate to modified ACS URL.
  2. Redirected to IdP for login (alias defines where to redirect).
  3. Redirected to Tableau Cloud, logged in.


The ability to bypass the Tableau Cloud login page when accessing Tableau Cloud using SAML is not currently built-in to the product. 
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