Project Picker in Tableau Desktop Does Not Show Child Projects User Has Permissions To

Published: 29 Aug 2021
Last Modified Date: 29 Aug 2021


Project picker in Tableau Desktop does not show child projects user has permissions to unless user also has permissions to save to the parent projects in Tableau Server.


​​​​Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop 10.5 and later.


Tableau Desktop users who have save permissions to a child project, but not to its parent project, will not be able to see the child project listed when they try to save the workbook to Tableau Server.

As a workaround choose one of the following options:

Option 1

Give users permissions to save to the parent project as well as the child project. This way, users working on Tableau Desktop will see the child project appear.

Option 2

  1. Users can save to any project they have permissions to from Tableau Desktop.
  2. Once they publish the workbook to Tableau Server, they can move the workbook into their desired child project.

Additional Information

This behavior is by design. It has existed since nested projects were introduced in Tableau 10.5. It may be changed in a future version of Tableau.
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