Desktop "Print to PDF" Generates Blank Page or Partial PDF

Published: 27 Apr 2015
Last Modified Date: 28 Dec 2017


When working with certain sheets in Tableau Desktop, using the Print to PDF option may export a blank or partial PDF.


  • Tableau Desktop 9.0 and later versions
  • Windows


Option 1

Specify a different paper size before using the Print to PDF option.

Option 2

Decrease the pixel width or height of the sheet by reducing the information displayed in the view.

Option 3

Verify that the following options are checked under File > Page Setup:
  • Title
  • View
  • Caption


Option 1 and 2

You are trying to print very large sheets using the Unspecified paper size option. A sheet that is larger than 32,668 pixels in width or height, and whose paper size has been set to Unspecified will export a blank PDF.

Option 3

One of the following options are unchecked under File > Page Setup:
  • Title
  • View
  • Caption
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