Prep Flows Using Published Data Sources as Inputs Fail with Error "Unable to connect to the input connection"

Published: 17 Sep 2019
Last Modified Date: 15 Jun 2020


Running Prep flows that use published data sources as inputs fail with the following error message:
"Connectivity error. Unable to connect to the input connection "name of input connection".


  • Prep Conductor on 2019.3 Tableau Server
  • Published data sources


This behavior is caused by a known issue which is currently under investigation.

The following workarounds are available:
  • Make sure no one else is using the published data source you are using as input in Prep Conductor.
  • If someone else is using the published date source, you can duplicate the data source and use the new one as the input to your flow.
  • Try ensuring that the refresh_token.max_count_per_user value is set to a value above 0, or -1 for unlimited.
    • Use tsm configuration get -k "refresh_token.max_count_per_user" to determine the current value
    • Use tsm configuration set -k "refresh_token.max_count_per_user" -v "24" to set this value to the default, (replace 24 with -1 for unlimited)
    • Run tsm pending-changes apply to ensure the new value is set.


This behavior is due to a known issue which is currently under investigation.

Additional Information

Due to a current limitation, only one Tableau user per site can access any given data source from Prep Flows in the Tableau Server environment.
Some details:
  • When you publish a flow that includes a published data source as an input, the publisher is assigned as the default flow owner. When the flow runs, it uses the flow owner for the Run As account. This means that first user who runs the flow against a given data source is allowed to use it from this point onwards. 
  • This remains the case until Tableau Server or run-flowprocessor.exe process is restarted, then the first person after that who runs a flow against a given data source will be the only one allowed to use.
Only the Site or Server Administrator can change the flow owner in Tableau Server or Tableau Online. For more information, see Run As Service Account.

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