Prep Conductor is Improperly Licensed

Published: 04 Feb 2019
Last Modified Date: 14 Feb 2019


In Tableau Server 2019.1, user-based licensing will allow for flows to be run on either the primary or worker server. If the server is Core-based or a mixed license environment, it will be necessary to buy resource cores for Tableau Prep Conductor and install those resource cores on a dedicated node to ensure the best experience with flow performance. In the event that flows are assigned to nodes that are also used to run extract refreshes and data rendering processes, which those cores are not licensed for, both flows and other processes will work initially but will be restricted in future versions of our products.


  • Tableau Server 2019.1
  • Tableau Prep Conductor
  • Core-based licensing plans


In core-based deployments, we require dedicating at least one node to running flows only. In user-based deployments, we strongly recommend a node dedicated to flows for best performance. 

While you can run flows on any licensed Server core, the additional resource cores purchases should only run Tableau Prep Conductor, and not extract refreshes or VizQL processes.


We’ve received many requests from Server Administrators to have more granularity on when and how to apply processes to dedicated nodes to isolate resource-heavy processes. Dedicating node roles is the first step in that direction. For more information, see Node Roles.
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