Picture Placeholders Shown Instead of Views in a Dashboard Published on Tableau Server

Published: 27 Apr 2017
Last Modified Date: 20 Oct 2019


Some Dashboards in Tableau Server don't completely render, picture placeholders are shown instead of views.


Tableau Server


Option 1

While the browser is loading the web-page that contains the affected views, please check that there are not errors in the network communication. 
  • Press the [F12] key in order to open the Developer tool of your browser, and then navigate to the "Network" tab to analyze the network communication. 
  • For more information on the F12 Developer tools please review the following article: Getting Started with the F12 Developer Tools.

Option 2

Enable Client-side rendering. For more information about Client-Side and Server-side Rendering please review the following documentation: About Client-Side Rendering.

Option 3

Check your Tableau Server Proxy configuration, this also includes possible transparent proxies on the network. For more information on how to configure proxy servers to work with Tableau, please read: Configuring Proxies for Tableau Server.


When a Dashboard or a View reaches a certain level of complexity, Tableau Server automatically renders the view "server-side" and then sends screenshots of the rendered view to the browser. Such screenshots are actually PNG images of the views that have been rendered by Tableau Server. If the images are blocked on your network, then the browser not receiving the images will show a placeholder instead.

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