Percent of Total Adds Up to More Than 100%

Published: 01 Oct 2013
Last Modified Date: 24 Mar 2018


When you use a Percent of Total quick table calculation on a field with a non-additive aggregation, such as Count (Distinct) or Median, the sum of all percentages is greater than 100%. For example:

User-added image


Tableau Desktop


  1. In the view, select the Percent of Total field and drag it to Measures. 
  2. Name the field. 
  3. Right-click the field under Measures and select Edit
  4. Replace TOTAL with WINDOW_SUM
  5. If the numbers are still incorrect, right-click the field in the view and select Compute Using > Table(down) or Table(across). 

The following is the corrected percentage distribution:
User-added image


Non-additive aggregate functions, such as COUNTD(), MEDIAN(), and RAWSQLAGG(), do not calculate correct totals when used with the TOTAL() table calculation function. 
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