Unable to Password-Protect Workbooks

Published: 27 Feb 2013
Last Modified Date: 15 Sep 2020


Unable to password-protect workbooks.


  • Tableau Desktop


Use the following options as a workaround for securing the file or data.

Option 1: Secure the Folder Containing the Workbook

Work with your internal IT team to restrict access to the shared folder that contains the workbook.

Option 2: Use Tableau Server to Secure a Published Data Source

  1. Publish the data source to Tableau Server.
  2. Replace local data source with published data source.
  3. Secure the published data source so only authorized users can access it.
For more information about publishing a Tableau Server data source and using a published data source, see Exporting a Data Connection.


The ability to password-protect a workbook is not currently built into the product.
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