Partial Filter Values on Tables in Join or Relationship in Data Source Panel

Published: 20 Sep 2021
Last Modified Date: 26 Jan 2022


Users need to filter values on tables before the Join or Relationship is formed in Data Source panel, because filtering data on existing joins or relationship can be very resource consuming for big tables. For example, the user has two tables containing millions records and connected with Left Join. When creating an extract filter on a dimension, it takes ages to load the value list as Tableau needs to perform the left join first.


  • Tableau Desktop


The request is to add a filter function under "Edit Calculation" or "Create Join Calculation" for each table in Join or Relationship in Data Source panel. By filtering the tables before join/relationship can increase performance. See screenshot below. 
User-added image

User-added image

The possible workaround is to create corresponding Custom SQL for each table with Where clause to apply some filters before making Join or Relationship.


The ability to filter values on tables in Join or Relationship in Data Source panel is currently not built into Tableau products. At the moment the filter is applied after the joins.
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