Parameter Layout in Dashboards Changes After Upgrading Tableau Desktop

Published: 19 Jan 2017
Last Modified Date: 21 Dec 2017


After upgrading to Tableau Desktop 10, parameter controls of older workbooks appear to have moved or have become truncated.

For example:

In Tableau Desktop 9:
User-added image
In Tableau Desktop 10:
User-added image


Tableau Desktop 10


Manually re-size the dashboard elements and re-save (and/or re-publish) the workbook from version 10 of Tableau Desktop.
  1. Open the workbook in Tableau Desktop 10.
  2. Select the Parameter in the dashboard.
  3. In the Side Bar, select Layout.
  4. Increase the height or width as necessary.


Default treatment of parameter controls have changed in Tableau Desktop 10 so that they look like similar to filter controls. This can cause the parameter control to move or be cut off when viewing upgraded workbooks.
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