Parameter Action Only Triggering After Two Clicks

Published: 18 May 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Parameter Action not triggering on first click when used on dashboard


Tableau Server


As a workaround, change the trigger for the Filter Action from "Selection" to "Hover" or "Menu".

Demo instructions for the attached sample workbook:
  1. Open the "Full Repro" dashboard
  2. Click on part of a pie chart on the map, and notice the [State Parameter] is updated.
  3. Click the star shape in the "Reset Button" sheet on the dashboard, and [State Parameter] is set to "All".
  4. Select another piece of a pie chart on the map and notice that the star shape remains selected.
  5. Click the star shape. The Parameter Action will not trigger, because the star has been deselected.
  6. Click the star shape again. The Parameter Action will trigger this time.
On the "Without Reset Action" dashboard, where there is no Filter Action triggered by the "Reset Button" sheet, the Parameter Action works consistently on single-click.


When a Filter Action that runs on "Selection" and a Parameter Action share a source sheet, the selection does not clear from other dashboard interactions. As a result, if the mark is already selected it must be clicked twice to trigger the Parameter Action again.
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