Oracle Timestamp With Timezone Fields Return Unexpected Values

Published: 30 Aug 2019
Last Modified Date: 03 Oct 2019


When connecting to Oracle from Tableau Desktop, Oracle fields defined as timestamp with timezone may not match the Oracle native client output on the same machine.



  • Tableau Desktop
  • Oracle


The behaviour is by design.

To work around the issue, in Tableau Desktop, use an initial SQL statement similar to the one below to set the Oracle connection to the same time zone as the local machine (on a machine in the central European time zone):


If daylight saving time settings are affecting the connection, consider disabling daylight saving times in the local machine operating system.


The behaviour is caused by the interaction between the Oracle data source, the Oracle driver and Tableau Desktop.

When Tableau Desktop opens a connection to an Oracle data source, the Oracle driver sets the connection to the local machine time zone and daylight saving time (if applicable) using a single value TIME_ZONE.

This means Tableau will receive all timestamps with timezone field values in the local machine time. In addition, the operating system may apply daylight saving times depending on the local machine settings and the time of the year. As a result of the interaction of the features mentioned above, the data set returned by Tableau may not match the one returned by the Oracle client on the same machine.

Additional Information

The picture below shows the different outputs of the Oracle native client, Tableau Desktop with DST on and Tableau Desktop with DST off. The Oracle data source is in the UTC time zone.
The local machine is in the Europe/Dublin time zone. All differences are highlighted in red:

User-added image

Here is Tableau output when Tableau connection is set to the the Europe/Dublin time zone, to match the local machine operating system settings. DST is active on the machine. The test was performed in August:
All timestamps are returned in the Dublin timezone as expected.

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The tests mentioned in this article have been performed using the standard Oracle driver, not the Tableau customized one. No Tableau Oracle driver is installed on the machine.
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