Oracle Table Name Containing Dollar Sign Not Found

Published: 06 Dec 2013
Last Modified Date: 29 Jan 2020


When connecting to an Oracle database tables, you may notice that tables that contain names a dollar sign (or a special character) do not show in the list of available tables.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Oracle


Option 1

Remove all dollar signs (or special character) from the Oracle table name.

Option 2

On the Oracle database, create a new view and ensure that its name does not contain dollar sign or any other special character, such new view should reference the original table. 

Option 3

Write a custom query to work around this issue so that Tableau Desktop can retrieve the data from such tables via Custom SQL. Note that this workaround requires some knowledge about writing SQL queries and assistance from a database expert if possible. For more details about this topic, see Details of Custom SQL in Tableau Help. 


Tableau Desktop explicitly filters out tables with names that contain dollar signs '$', forward slashes '/', or start with '#Tableau'.

Additional Information

Oracle strongly recommends against using dollar signs in non-quoted identifiers (an identifier that is not surrounded by any punctuation) when naming database objects. Oracle also does not recommend using quoted identifiers for database object names.

See Database Object Names and Qualifiers from Oracle's knowledge base for more information.

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