Opening a Workbook Does not Display Views

Published: 31 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 19 Oct 2019


After attempting to open a workbook, the workbook does not open as expected. Instead a 'Book1' workbook opens but it does not contain any views; yet the 'Book1' workbook is connected to the data source from the workbook you were attempting to open.


Tableau Desktop


Start Tableau Desktop and choose to open the workbook via one of the following methods rather than 'Connect' to a Tableau Workbook .twb or .twbx file:
  • Option 1: File > Open
  • Option 2: Ctrl-O
  • Option 3: Open > Open a workbook (from the Start Page)


When a .twb file is selected via: Connect > To a file > Other files ("More..." in Tableau Desktop 10+) from the Tableau Desktop Start Page, Tableau Desktop will connect to the Data Source from the .twb file in the existing workbook.

Additional Information

After the .twb file is selected, a window will pop up that says "Import Data Source" - indicating that Tableau Desktop will import the Data Source from the selected .twb(x) into the existing workbook, rather than opening the .twb(x) file.

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