Only One Label for Each Section When Using Dimension on Label in Area Chart

Published: 01 Dec 2017
Last Modified Date: 14 Oct 2019


When placing a dimension on Label on an Area chart, then there is only one label in the middle of each area chart section rather than one label for each data point.


Tableau Desktop


Option 1:

Right-click any dimensions on Label on the Marks card and select Measure > Minimum

Note: depending the desired end-result, it may be necessary to add a copy of the dimension to Detail on the Marks card

Option 2:

Add an additional dimension(s) to the view so that there is a group for every desired label. If the data does not contain a dimension that will create the desired groups, then manually create the desired groups using Tableau Desktop's built-in group function. For more information, please see Group Your Data


Dimensions are used to group data. When labeling an area chart with a dimension, the area chart is broken into groups with one label for each group.

Additional Information

Any aggregation applied to the dimension(s) on Label will resolve the issue

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