On Tableau Server the Tableau Prep Conductor Process Status Becomes Unavailable on Linux with Non-ATR Activation Method

Published: 19 Sep 2023
Last Modified Date: 31 Oct 2023


The Tableau Prep Conductor process can become unavailable or in an unlicensed state randomly when using the legacy Flexera activation method (not the ATR activation).

When running the "tsm status -v" command, you may view the following status:

Tableau Prep Conductor 0' status is unavailable. or  Tableau Prep Conductor 0' status is unlicensed.

To check to see if the ATR Activation method was selected during installation, run the following command:
tsm config get -k serverauthorizationtorun.enabled


  • Tableau Server 2022.1, 2022.3, 2023.1
  • Flexera activation (not ATR)


Upgrade Tableau Server to 2022.1.19+, 2022.3.11+, 2023.1.7+,

If not able to upgrade, as a workaround perform the following:

1. Check if the Tableau Server has available license information running the following on the command line:
・tsm licenses list
・serveractutil -view

If the licenses display correctly from the tsm command and there is output from the "serveractutil" command, please restart the Tableau Server (tsm restart) to see if all the processes come up correctly.

2. If the tsm license command shows no license information or the command hangs, please try to stop the Tableau Server and restart the machine where Tableau Server is installed then check the license information again.  
  • tsm stop
  • machine restart
  • tsm licenses list
  • serveractutil -view
   a. If the license data is listed after the above commands are completed, then start Tableau Server (tsm start)
   b. If the tsm license command shows no license information, then reactivate the licenses on the Tableau Server and then start Tableau Server (tsm start)      


This issue has been fixed under Known Issue W-14073154

Additional Information

The following error message from the tabadminagent.log in the tabadminagent process log folder will show:

INFO com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.agent.status.ServiceStatusRequestRunner - Posting status update for flowprocessor_0: STATUS_UNAVAILABLE, detail message: License check did not succeed for flowprocessor_0


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