OAuth Authentication Redirection Fails in Desktop and Prep Builder

Published: 17 Dec 2021
Last Modified Date: 05 Jan 2022


When attempting to sign in to a Data Source via OAuth, the OAuth redirect through the user's browser times out and fails.


  • Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder 2020.3 or later.  
  • Windows
  • Connectors that utilize OAuth


Add a NO_PROXY variable to the Windows Environment Variables and set the value as 'localhost'.
  1. Use the Windows Search to find "Edit the System Environment Variables" > Click "Environment Variables..."
  2. Select "New..." under User Variables.
    1. Variable Name: NO_PROXY
    2. Variable Value: localhost
  3. Re-start Tableau Prep Builder and Connect to Google BigQuery.


Beginning in Tableau version 2020.3, when connecting to data via OAuth, a java process is started by Tableau. The java process acts as an intermediary for OAuth and it also communicates to Tableau using localhost. If a proxy is configured on the machine where Tableau is running, the java process trying to communicate with Tableau via localhost will fail to negotiate the proxy. To avoid that, users can set OS configuration that when processes are communicating locally (using localhost), to avoid using the proxy.
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