Numbers Showed as Repeating on Worksheet When Blending Data

Published: 14 Jul 2015
Last Modified Date: 19 Oct 2019


In a worksheet built with blended data, the measure values repeat the same value across a row or column; the data is not being populated from each data source.

For example, in a workbook that connects to Sample - Superstore as a primary data source and to Orders (Sample Superstore) as the secondary data source, the following weekly sales data per category will appear after editing the relationship only for the dimension called "Category".
CategoryWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Office Supplies55555555


Tableau Desktop 


Ensure to "Edit the relationship" between the blended data sources that are required for the level of details of the view. For more information about editing relationship between data soures, see Blend Your Data.

In the same example, editing the "Category" and the "WEEK(Order Date)" relationship will resolve the issue. 
CategoryWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Office Supplies1512208


Data blending aggregates to the level of the linked field. Any data from the secondary data source will be limited to the level of detail that the links provide. Too many links can restrict the view to entirely null data, too few links can result in a higher level of aggregation than desired in the view.

Additional Information

The examples mentioned in this article can be found in the workbook attached to the right side of this page.

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