Number of Users Being Synced in Background Jobs is Much Larger Than Actual Number of Users

Published: 22 Feb 2016
Last Modified Date: 14 Apr 2017


When looking in "Background tasks for non extracts," the number of users being synced in a group is much larger than the number of actual users being synced. 


  • Tableau Server 9.1.3
  • Automatic AD Sync


This is by design. 


When starting the task, Tableau Server only sees the actual number of users within the group, not the number of unique users.  These numbers can be different depending on the AD structure.  If there are nested groups, for example, a user may exist in different subgroups and appear as multiple usernames, when in reality there is only one user across multiple subgroups.  Tableau will not add the user multiple times, so this number will not impact the number of imported users. 
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