Number of Records Returns Different Values Between Live and Extract Connection to SAP HANA

Published: 29 Jan 2016
Last Modified Date: 19 Oct 2019


The field Number of Records returns different results when using an extract than when using a live connection.


  • Tableau Desktop


Use the Row.Count column instead of [Number of Records].
The Row.Count column is only available for some HANA Views, for example, if you have created a Calculated Column in the Cube (aggregation node at the top Semantic layer), you will be able to see the Row.Count column in Tableau Desktop after connecting to the Cube.


Some live connections in SAP HANA run on OLAP engine whereas extract connections to SAP HANA do not. The result set for an these views may differ, so [Number of Records] can show a different result depending on which connection is used.

Additional Information

  • Number of Records is generated by Tableau and is always 1 for each row in the result set
  • Row.Count is a SAP feature, is generated by HANA, and represents the number of rows in the underlying data that match the given combination of dimension values - essentially a count(*) when grouped by all of the dimensions in the query.

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