No "Upgrade Tableau Server" Option Upgrading to Tableau Server 2019.4

Published: 14 Nov 2019
Last Modified Date: 16 Jan 2020


When upgrading Tableau Server to 2019.4 or later from Tableau Server versions 2018.1 or earlier, the setup installer does not present the option "Upgrade Tableau Server...", only Create new Tableau Server installation or Add additional node to existing Tableau Server cluster. 



  • Tableau Server 2019.4.0
  • Windows
  • Non-default install location


Option 1:
Upgrade to 2019.4.1 or later. 
  1. Run the Setup program for your new version 2019.4.1 or later from the command line:
  2. Open a command prompt as an administrator and change to the folder where you downloaded the Setup program for your new version.
  3. Run this command. The DATADIR and INSTALLDIR property names must be typed in uppercase.
  4. "TableauServer-64bit-<version>.exe DATADIR="<drive:\path\to\data directory>" INSTALLDIR="<drive:\path\to\install\directory>"
For example, if your existing installation was to D:\Applications\Tableau Server\2018.1:
C:\Users\bsmith\Downloads>TableauServer-64bit-2019-4-1.exe DATADIR="D:\Applications\Tableau Server" INSTALLDIR="D:\Applications\Tableau Server"

Option 2:
  1. Continue with the installation using the 'Create new Tableau Server installation' option.
  2. If the correct install path is specified, the Upgrade window will display.


This behavior is related to a known issue with ID 1031327 which is currently under investigation.
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