No Tables Displayed When Connecting to SharePoint Lists

Published: 31 May 2017
Last Modified Date: 01 Jun 2017


When attempting to connect to SharePoint Lists, the connection is established but no lists or tables are displayed on the Data Source tab.


  • Tableau Desktop 10.2.0
  • SharePoint Lists


Make sure that none of the table names in the SharePoint are greater than 127 characters.


This is a limitation of the CData SharePoint driver. It will not provide the list of tables if any of them have a name that is longer than 127 characters.

Additional Information

To find the table name that is preventing the list of tables from loading use a TDC file with these contents:
​<connection-customization class='sharepoint' enabled='true' version='10.0'>
    <vendor name='sharepoint' />
    <driver name='sharepoint' />
        <customization name='odbc-connect-string-extras' value='Verbosity=5;Logfile=/Users/YourUserName/cdata.log' />

​This will create a log file from the CData driver itself. Open the CData log in a text editor and search for "SQL_ERROR[HY000]: SQLTables The length of tablename". This will show the name of the table that caused the issue. There may be more than one table with too long of a name, but only the first one that triggers this error will be shown in the log.

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