No postgres in backup file

Published: 04 May 2016
Last Modified Date: 11 Sep 2017


Postgres information is missing from Tableau Server backup file.


  • Tableau Server 9.2
  • Postgres


When working with a degraded backup, it is sometimes possible to manually retrieve missing postgres data, if a clean uninstall has not yet been performed.

The below steps will help to restore the latest available data from data-engine extracts and pgsql workbooks to a vanilla (clean) install Tableau Server in which you can then create a working backup that can be used to restore across the entire cluster. 
  1. Copy the data engine and pgsql folder from the ../Tableau Server/data/tabsvc/dataengine and pgsql file paths. This is essentially the backup content and it will be important to move them to a safe location. It is best to verify the file size of each folder and date modified, as you must use the largest/most up to date folder as our point of restoration. 

  2. Install Tableau Server on the machine. This will be a clean installation so when it boots up, it will prompt to create an admin and there will be no content. This is as expected and you must perform a 'tabadmin stop' to bring it to a stopped status. 

  3. Rename or delete the dataengine and pgsql folder (located in the same directory as before) 

  4. Copy over the previously acquired dataengine folder and the pgsql folder (from Step 1) to this new installation directory as a replacement of the initial installation folders. 

  5. The above folders contain the content and we can update them into the new installation by running the following commands: 

    tabadmin regenerate_internal_tokens --passwords 
    tabadmin config 
    tabadmin restart 

  • This should boot up the Tableau Server and upon boot up will sync the file store (can be seen in Status page with admin user logged in) and when that is finished, please perform a rebuild of the search index (from same Server > Status page) to update the interface with the content. 

  • Verify that all content has been restored (users, workbooks, groups, etc. and that they all appear to be working). If this is the case, perform a tabadmin stop followed by a tabadmin backup to obtain the latest backup we can use to restore the cluster with. 

  • When performing the restore, use the tabadmin restore --no-config <filepath/filename> option, so that the primary on the cluster retains its configurations. The only difference is that if not using the "no-config" flag, the backup will utilize the configurations from the machine we took the back up from (since it was a vanilla clean install, it won't have any configuration changes other than default and thus require them to be set). 

From that point forward, the issue should be resolved and Tableau Server should once again be up and running with the correct/latest content. 


If a backup file is missing postgres data, the installation will not complete.
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