No Filter Selection Available Using "Only Relevant Values"

Published: 26 Feb 2019
Last Modified Date: 18 Aug 2020


No valid filter selection available when using "only relevant values"


  • Tableau Desktop 


Use either of the following options:
  • Enable the "All" selection on the filter's Customize menu
  • Create or use an existing dimensional hierarchy, and change the filters to use "All Values in Hierarchy" instead of "Only Relevant Values"


"Only Relevant Values" does not change the current selection in a filter, only what selections are available. Removing the "All" option when using multiple "Only Relevant Values" filters can result in a situation where there are no valid values in the data. If Filter A's selection becomes invalid when Filter B is updated, Filter C showing "Only Relevant Values" will become blank.

Additional Information

See the attached example workbook for a demonstration of this issue and its solution.

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