Navigate Filter Actions or Go to Sheet Missing from Tooltip or Do Not Work in Published Dashboards

Published: 21 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 24 Jun 2020


Filter actions used to navigate between sheets or dashboards or Go to Sheet actions work in Tableau Desktop, but do not work in a view published to Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Additionally, filter actions or Go to Sheet may not show up on the tooltip when hovering or clicking a mark on the view.



  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Server


Option 1

When publishing the workbook from Tableau Desktop, select the option "Show sheets as tabs" in the publishing dialog.


Option 2

To fix an already-published workbook:
a. Log into Tableau Online or Tableau Server and navigate to the workbook's Details page
b. Select the option for "Show Tabs" in the "Tabbed views" section.


In order for navigation filter actions to work in a published workbook, "Show sheets as tabs" must be enabled.
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