Must Deselect a Mark Before Using an Action Filter

Published: 08 Oct 2014
Last Modified Date: 19 Dec 2019


When using an action filter that runs when selecting a mark, the mark must be deselected before the action filter can be run again.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server


Option 1

Set the action filter to run on Menu:
  1. Go to Worksheet > Actions.
  2. In the dialog box, select the relevant action and click Edit.
  3. Set Activate on: to Menu.

Option 2

Create a Filter Action that increments through a set of navigational marks. For detailed instructions, see the following Tableau Zen Master blog post: Never Ending Navigation: Buttons that Deselect Themselves



The ability to set worksheets or marks to automatically deselect is not currently available in Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server.
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