Multiple instances of the same table calculation return different results

Published: 08 Jul 2019
Last Modified Date: 18 Oct 2019


When adding additional instances of a table calculation, or quick table calculation, to the same view or different views, then each field may return different results.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • table calculations


Right-click each instance of the table calculation and select Edit Table Calculation... The compute using settings should be the same in order for both instances to return the same results.


Table calculations are computed based on how the view is built and can be customized to return many different results. Because there are use cases for having the same table calculation computed differently, each instance is allowed its own settings and will not update each other when one is changed.
  • If the table calculations are on different views, then it may be necessary to have the exact same set of dimensions on both views in order for the table calculations to return the same results. However, it is possible to add a dimension to the view and then modify the view to look like the dimension has not been added. See Computing a Table Calculation by a Dimension Not Present in the View
  • Even if the same dimensions are present in both views, and the compute using is set to the same option (e.g. Table (across)) then the results may still be different if the dimensions are in different places in the view. In this case, use the Specific Dimensions option and make sure the same dimensions are checked.

Additional Information

To quickly add another instance of the same table calculation with the same compute using settings to the same view, hold ctrl and drag the table calculation from one spot into the view to another. This will create a copy of the field with the same compute using settings.


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