Move Workbooks and Projects Between Sites

Published: 06 Mar 2014
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Unable to move workbooks and projects between sites on Tableau Server.


  • Tableau Server


Use the following workaround to download workbooks from one site and then republish them to another:

Part 1 
Make a local copy of the published data source, and publish it to the desired site
  1. Open Tableau Desktop and on the Connect screen choose Tableau Server.
  2. Select the published data source and then click on Sheet 1.
  3. Right-click the data source and choose the option Create Local Copy.
  4. Choose where to save the file.
  5. Give the data source a new name to distinguish it from the old one then click Save.
  6. Select File > Close.
  7. Select File > Open. Select the data source created in the previous step, and then click Open.
  8. Select Server > Signed in to [server name] > Sign in to Another Site. Choose the site you want to move the data source to.
  9. Select Server > Publish Data Source > [data source name].
  10. Enter the desired information then click Publish. The data source is now published to the new site.
Part 2
Open the published workbook, and switch the data source to the one created above
  1. Open the published workbook and save a copy to the Tableau Desktop machine.
  2. Open the local copy of the workbook.
  3. Select Data > New Data Source > Saved Data Sources > Tableau Server.
  4. From the new screen select Data Tableau Data Server Edit Server and Site path... Change Sign In...
  5. Select the server and click Connect.
  6. Type in your credentials to sign into Tableau Server. 
  7. Select the site where the workbook is to be published.
  8. Click on the Select a Data Source drop-down, and choose the data source published in the previous section.
  9. Give the connection a name. Then click OK.
  10. Click on one of the worksheets in Tableau Desktop. There will now be two data sources listed in the Data column.
  11. Right-click on the data source that is connected to the old site, and choose Replace Data Source.
  12. In the Replacement drop-down, select the data source that was published to the new site then select OK.
  13. You will now see a blue check mark next to the new data source which indicates that the workbook is now using the data source published to the new site instead of the data source published to the old site.
  14. Right-click the previous data source and choose Close. The workbook is now successfully pointing to the new data source on the new site.
Part 3 
Publish the workbook to the new site
  1. Select Server > Publish Workbook. Choose the desired settings, and then click Publish.
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