Move Reference Lines Behind Bars

Published: 03 Mar 2021
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


How to move reference lines behind bars?


  • Tableau Desktop


The possible workaround is using dual axis. The following steps are demonstrated in the attached workbook.
  1. Place YEAR(Order Date) from the Orders data source to Filters and select 2014.
  2. Place Sales to Columns from the Orders data source.
  3. Place MONTH(Order Date) and Segment to Rows from the Orders data source.
  4. Place Sales Target to Columns from the Sales Target data source.
  5. Right-click Sales Target on columns > Dual Axis.
  6. Open the SUM(Sales) mark card and select Bar.
  7. Place Sales to Label.
  8. Open the SUM(Sales Target) mark card and select Gantt Bar.
  9. Click Color and move the Opacity slider to left.
  10. Right-click the bottom X axis and click Synchronize Axis.


The ability to move reference lines behind bars is not currently built in a product.
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