Missing Data from Views and Filters on Tableau Reader

Published: 05 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 29 Nov 2019


When using Tableau Reader, some data is missing from view and filters.


  • Tableau Reader
  • Windows


Clear the query cache by following the below steps.

Option 1: Invalidate the Cache by Refreshing the Data Source

Each time the data source is refreshed, the cache is invalidated, making this a very simple alternative to the more complicated process of manually clearing the cache.

Option 2: Manually Clear the Cache

  1. Close all instances of Tableau.
  2. Navigate to the caching folder. For example: C\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Tableau\Caching.
  3. Modify/clear the desired cache(s).

Option 3: Check Filters

  1. Open workbook in Tableau Desktop
  2. Edit the filter which displays the issue
  3. Choose 'Select from list'
  4. Select all values

Additional Information

  • This only works for file-based data sources upon which a query has been performed, as this is a query cache. 
  • Restarting Tableau Desktop and Reader does NOT clear the query cache, as the cache is file-based, not memory-based.

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