Mirroring Hierarchy Level Across Multiple Worksheets in a Dashboard

Published: 25 Jun 2014
Last Modified Date: 20 Dec 2019


How to simultaneously drill-down hierarchy across multiple worksheets in a dashboard.


Tableau Desktop


As a workaround, use a parameter to select which dimension appears in the view. The following instructions can be reviewed in the attached sample workbook.
  1. Right-click in the Parameters pane and select Create Parameter.
  2. In Data type choose String.
  3. Under Allowable Values select List and add the desired dimension names.
  4. Create a new calculated field with the following formula:
    CASE [<parameter name>]
    WHEN "Category" THEN [Category]
    WHEN "Sub-Category" THEN [Sub-Category]
    WHEN "Product Name" THEN [Product Name]
  5. Drag the new calculated field to the Rows shelf.
  6. Right-click on the parameter created above and select Show Parameter Control.


The ability to have level of drill down in a hierarchy persist across multiple sheets in a dashboard is not currently a feature in Tableau Desktop.
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