Microsoft Jet Driver Error 'Unknown'

Published: 29 Mar 2017
Last Modified Date: 29 Mar 2017


When dragging a dimension or measure to a workbook view that has a live connection to a Microsoft Excel data source, you might see the following error:

Microsoft JET database error 0x80040E14: Unknown


  • Tableau Desktop


Excel is built on the Microsoft Jet database engine. This error message appears because one of the three Jet drivers that Excel uses to connect to Tableau is missing or corrupted. To resolve this issue, follow the steps listed below. 
  1. Reconnect to your Excel data source by going to the Data tap and choose New Data Source.
  2. In the Data tap that opens, select To a File > Excel
  3. The Open dialog box opens and you navigate to your Excel file.
  4. In the Open drop-down menu, choose Open with Legacy Connection

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     5. You have now connected your Excel file using the correct Microsoft Jet data engine drivers and a new Data Source window opens.

As an added feature, the Legacy Connection has the option of extracting a data set by writing a Custom SQL Query.




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