Message "A data extract is active ... Filters will be cleared" Editing Connection

Published: 06 Jun 2013
Last Modified Date: 27 May 2016


When you try to edit a data connection, the following message might appear:
A data extract is active. To continue the operation it must be regenerated. Filters will be cleared. Would you like to continue?


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Extracts


Option 1

If there is no need to add filters prior to creating the new extract, click OK when the message appears. A new extract will be created without filters.

Option 2

If the original extract included filters, and you would like to include the same filters on the new extract, add filters prior to editing the data connection:

  1. Prior to editing the connection, select Data > <data source name> > Extract > Remove, and then click OK.
  2. Edit the connection. For more information, see Connecting to Data and Editing Data Sources in Tableau Help.
  3. Select Data > <data source name> > Extract Data.
  4. In the Extract Data dialog box, add the desired filters, and then click Extract. For more information, see Creating an Extract in Tableau Help.


When you edit a data connection, Tableau re-creates the extract. If you had filters applied to the extract, these filters will be removed. 
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