Mass Update Data Source Connection

Published: 14 Sep 2015
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Unable to bulk update connection information or credentials for published data source or replace the data sources for published workbooks.


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Cloud


Use one of the below options to bulk update the data source connection information. 

Option 1 Bulk update the connection information using the user interface. See Edit Connections on Tableau Cloud for more details.
  1. Sign in to the site that has the data sources you want to modify, select Explore and All Data Sources.
  2. Select the Toggle Filters icon on the far right of the screen. 
  3. Under the Data Source menu, specify, All data sources, Published or Embedded within workbook
  4. Use the Connection type or Server name fields to filter the data sources down to which you would like to update. 
  5.  Select the Select All button or check boxes for the data sources which you would like to update.
  6. Select the Actions menu and Edit Connection... button.
  7. Update the connection information and select Save.

Note: If you receive an error "The selected connections have different connection types and cannot be edited together." then first, under the the Show As menu, select Connections.

Option 2 Use Rest API to programmatically update the server address, port, username, or password for the specified data source connection. For more information, see the Update Data Source Connection REST API documentation.

Option 3 Write a batch script that uses the tabcmd publish command to republish the affected data sources with updated data credentials. Be certain to use "--save-db-password" parameter to embed the credentials in the published workbook/data source. For more information, see tabcmd Commands.


The ability to bulk update or replace data source connection is not built in the product. 
To voice your support on the future implementation of this feature, add your vote to the following Community idea:
Bulk edit data connections
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