MapR Hadoop Hive Data Sources Fail to Refresh and Publishing Produces Error "Tableau doesn't recognize the data source type 'maprhadoophive'"

Published: 15 Dec 2022
Last Modified Date: 19 Dec 2022


When attempting to refresh MapR data sources, the following error occurs: 

[SQLSTATE:58S01] error opening database 'LUID': There was an error during loading database: The database does not exist: DatabaseId: \"hyper.file:LUID\"\nDatabaseId: \"hyper.file:LUID"\nUnable to connect to the Tableau Data Extract server \"\". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.

Or when attempting to publish a MapR data source produces the following error: 

Tableau doesn't recognize the data source type 'maprhadoophive'

Or when attempting to connect to MapR Hadoop Hive In Tableau Desktop, the connector is missing. 


  • Tableau Cloud 2022.4 and later releases
  • Tableau Desktop 2022.4 and later releases
  • Tableau Server 2023.1 and later releases
  • Tableau Prep Builder 2022.4 and later releases
  • MapR Hadoop Hive
  • Tableau Bridge


To workaround the issue, consider the below options. 

Option 1 Create .hyper files for each data source, and publish the .hyper files instead of the MapR Hadoop Hive data source(s).
- To create a new .hyper file, connect live to the data source, right click the data source, and select "Extract Data".
- To find the current .hyper file location, right-click the data source, go to "Extract", select "Properties".

Option 2 Create flows in Prep Builder 2022.3 of MapR Hadoop Hive input connections, add a published data source output step and use the Prep Builder CLI to script flow jobs to run. See Get Started with Tableau Prep Builder and Refresh flow output files from the command line for more information.

Option 3  Use the Hyper API to create .hyper files from the dataset, and automate the publishing of the .hyper files.

Option 4 Use Tableau Server 2022.3 or an earlier release.


MapR Hadoop Hive support has been retired with version 2022.4 of Tableau.
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