Manually Deleted Ziplogs Entries Are Wrongly Displayed In Tsm Web Ui

Published: 02 Jun 2021
Last Modified Date: 03 Jun 2021


TSM Server Maintenance page not reflecting the correct log file record.
For example:
When manually or use a script to delete the existing ziplog file in the default log directory, and generate a new copy of logs that using the same file name using "tsm" command, all previously generated log entries will still appear in the history table:
User-added image



  • Tableau Server 
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Linux


Avoid manually deleting (or by using script) ziplogs file directly from Operating Systems' logs directory. 
Generate ziplogs each time with different names, for example, by adding date/time stamp to the ziplogs file.


It's currently by design that reading the drive for the list of historical log sets to avoid performance degradation.
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