Low Disk Space because of TTDE Files

Published: 06 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 03 Jan 2019


When running Tableau Desktop, you may experience low disk space due to the creation of .ttde files.


Tableau Desktop


If you experience low disk space on your computer because of .ttde (shadow extract) files, you can manually delete these files. Go to the following location to delete a shadow extract:
  • For Windows: Users\AppData\Local\Tableau\Caching\TemporaryExtracts   
  • For Mac: ~/Library/Caches/com.tableau.caching/TemporaryExtracts
Note: In some cases, shadow extract files might be stored in your My Tableau Repository.


Tableau creates and saves a shadow extract (.ttde files) in order to load data more quickly. After Tableau creates five shadow extracts, Tableau deletes the oldest shadow extracts to create space when it adds a new one.

Although shadow extracts contain underlying data and other information similar to the standard Tableau extract, shadow extracts are saved in a different format that cannot be used the same way as Tableau extracts. Shadow extracts cannot be used to recover data.

Additional Information

The contents and size of the shadow extracts change depending on the data you work with. Shadow extracts are only created when you work with workbooks that are based on non-legacy Excel or text, or statistical files.

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