Live Query Connection Doesn't Reappear after Unlinking and Relinking Tableau Bridge

Published: 13 Jul 2017
Last Modified Date: 14 Jul 2017


If the Tableau Bridge client designated for use as a site's live query connection client is unlinked from the original user's Tableau Online account and then relinked; any live connections that were associated with that client do not automatically reappear.


  • Tableau Online 10.3.0
  • Tableau Bridge live query connections


  1. Log into Tableau Online as a Site Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Settings > General.
  3. Scroll down to Registered Tableau Bridge clients and select the radio button for "Supports live connections" next to the desired computer name.


Live query connections in Tableau Online are designed to run using the Tableau Bridge client designated on the Settings page. If that client is unlinked, its live query designation is removed from the Settings page, and must be re-designated before the connections will appear in the Bridge client UI.
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