Tableau Legacy Map Service Being Discontinued April 2023 for 2019.1 and Earlier Versions Causing Blank Background Map Tiles

Published: 03 Apr 2023
Last Modified Date: 17 May 2023


When the legacy map service discontinues, workbooks that are still using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server version 2019.1 and earlier will be impacted. Tableau workbooks that still use the legacy map service may display blank background map tiles, and error messages will appear to inform users that map tiles can’t be fetched as demonstrated here:

User-added image

Visualizations created in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server in version 2019.2 or later, Tableau Cloud, and Tableau Public have been updated to use a modern mapping service and will not be impacted.


Tableau Desktop
Tableau Server


Upgrading Tableau or using an alternative map service is recommended to resolve this issue.  Below are some options to consider if this issue is encountered.  ANY of the following solutions are valid means to resolve this behavior:


The legacy service providing background map tiles for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server with version 2019.1 and earlier will discontinue on April 15th 2023. The geographic data backing this service is out of date and no longer reflects current political boundaries. Tableau stopped supporting this service in August 2021.

Additional Information

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server available download versions are available on the Release Notes website.
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