LDAP Error "Unknown objectClass" When Adding a User or Group

Published: 18 Jul 2019
Last Modified Date: 23 Sep 2019


When adding a user or group to Tableau Server using LDAP, an error similar to the following occurs:
"Unknown objectClass 'objectClass: top, groupofUniqueNames' returned in search (errorCode=101005)"


  • Tableau Server 10.5 and newer versions
  • Generic LDAP Authentication (Not Active Directory)


Add the class(es) returned in the error to the appropriate variable below. All classes should be separated by a comma. 
  • If the error occurs while adding a user, use: wgserver.domain.ldap.user.classnames
  • If the error occurs while adding a group, use:

For example, with the above error, the configuration should be used and the classes of the returned object are included in the error message. 

tsm configuration set -k -v "top, groupofUniqueNames"
tsm pending-changes apply


This error indicates that one or more of the classes of an object returned from an LDAP search are missing from the current set of known classes.

Additional Information

By default Tableau Server recognizes the set(inetOrgPerson,user) for user classes and the set (group,groupOfNames,groupOfURLs).

If this error occurs during "tsm user-identity-store verify-user-mappings" or "tsm user-identity-store verify-group-mappings", it may be that the LDAP Search is returning multiple objects and the wrong object is being checked. You may have to change the user or group filters to ensure that only the right object classes are being found.

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