Using LDAP (or AD LDS) Authentication to Tableau Server

Published: 04 Mar 2013
Last Modified Date: 15 Jun 2018


You are unable to connect to Tableau Server for Windows using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) AD LDS (Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services) instead of AD (Active Directory) authentication.


Tableau Server for Windows


Tableau Server for Windows supports Active Directory for authentication or a self contained, local authentication.


LDAP is not currently supported for authentication to Tableau Server for Windows

Additional Information

  • Tableau Server uses two LDAP ports to connect with Active Directory; this is why it is mentioned so often. LDAP cannot be the only authentication protocol.
  • LDAP can be used in Tableau Desktop to connect to Teradata and Oracle data sources that use LDAP for authentication.
  • To voice your support for the inclusion of this feature in a future product release, add your vote to the following Community idea:
  • Please note that LDAP Authentication is only available for Linux from Tableau Server 10.5 (and later versions), see Identity Store and identityStore Entity for more information. 
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