LBLM Report Blank or Missing Data

Published: 08 Jan 2022
Last Modified Date: 11 Jan 2022


The LBLM Admin report is blank or missing data.



  • Tableau Server 2020.0 and later


1. Make sure that the license key that is activated on Tableau Server specifies LBLM is enabled.
2. Do not disable connected clients on Tableau Server.
3. The Desktop client end user should not log out of the Desktop client in order to obtain current Desktop activity data.
4. The issue is under investigation, ID 1277630, when the correct settings are configured but the data still does not populate.


1. The LBLM key must be activated.
2. Two important factors can cause no data or missing data:
  • Connected clients must rename enabled on Tableau Server
  • Do not sign out of the LBLM reporting Tableau Server from the connected Desktop client.    


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