Some Join Operators Unavailable in Excel or Text Data Connections

Published: 20 Jun 2014
Last Modified Date: 21 Apr 2019


When you try to create joins with Microsoft Excel or text data sources, the only available operator is the equal sign.

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  • Tableau Desktop
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Text files


In Tableau Desktop, select Data > New Data Source.
Navigate to your Excel or text file, click the drop-down arrow on Open, and select Open with Legacy Connection.
Screenshot of the Open with Legacy Connection option


The current Tableau Excel connector only permits the "=" join operator. To use other operators, you must use the legacy JET engine based connection.

Additional Information

Note: Starting in Tableau 2019.1, you can no longer create a new Legacy Excel or Text connection. Existing workbooks created with these legacy connections will continue to work until 2019.2, when all support for legacy connections will be removed. See the Legacy Connection Alternatives document in Tableau Community for alternatives to using the legacy connection.

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