Issues with Blending on Date Fields

Published: 22 Feb 2013
Last Modified Date: 11 Oct 2019


When blending on date fields, issues like the grand total displaying after every date may occur. 


Before you can use date fields to blend data between two data sources, you must consider the following:
  • The date values you want to blend on must exist in both data sources.  
  • The date values must be in the same format.  A datetime field in the primary data source, for example, will not blend with a date field in the secondary data source.
  • A datetime field may be converted to a date field using a calculation to remove the time portion.
    • For example, select Analysis > Create Calculated Field, and in the Formula text box, type the following formula: 
  • Blend the data sources on the new date fields that are created. 

Additional Information

 Consider rounding to nearest week or month if every day does not exist in the data.

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