Data Engine Error 4 when Publishing Twb With Tabcmd

Published: 13 Nov 2015
Last Modified Date: 09 Mar 2017


When publishing to Tableau Server, tabcmd may throw:

Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: Invalid Command: database: Path does not exist.  Unable to connect to the file "path.tde".  Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges. 


  • Tableau Server
  • Twb connected to Extract
  • Tabcmd
  • Extract is on a different machine than Tableau Server


1. Make sure there the run as user account has access and permission to the extract. 
2. Specify the UNC path of the extract. 


When publishing a Twb via Tabcmd, Tableau Server is going to grab the extract based on the connection info in the workbook.  The extract will not be pushed up by tabcmd.  Since Tableau Server is on a different computer than the workbook, a regular path to the extract file will not work.  For example, if the path is, "C:\users\test\desktop\extract.tde" Tableau Server will look on its own C drive instead of on the computer where the file actually exists. 
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