Invalid Explicit Indexing

Published: 21 Jul 2016
Last Modified Date: 16 Aug 2017


When opening a workbook, the following error might occur:
Invalid Explicit Indexing : index values must be monotonically increasing in each partition


  • Tableau Reader 9.3 
  • Tableau Desktop 9.2.3 
  • Windows 7
  • Oracle


Option 1

Verify that the table calculation existing in the view is meeting measure values for the same row.

Option 2

Verify that the data source has no typos, for example, "3CX" and "3Cx" in one field value. This type of typos can cause superposed values in one row of a table view, and corrupt the potential existing table calculation. To fix it, use one of these options :
  • Correct the typo(s) existing in the data source.
  • Remove the field having the typo from the view.
  • Use String functions like UPPER or LOWER in a calculated field, and replace the corrupt field with the new calculated field.


This issue is related to the INDEX() function and its Table-Calculation's Addressing setup. This error will occur if the table shows measure values that are superposed in the same row for some of the rows, and if these fields are then placed in the "Addressing" field of a Table Calculation.
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